George Formby
1   All Of A Sudden It Struck Me
2   Animal Language
3   Bells Were Ringing, The
4   Father Tried It On
5   Frightened To Go To Sleep Again
6   Funicular
7   Get Behind And Follow Me
8   I Began To Run
9   I Had My Hands In My Pockets
10   I Kept On Waving My Flag
11   I Lifted The Latch And Walked In
12   I Parted My Hair In The Middle
13   I Put On My Coat And Went Home
14   It Must Be The Clothes I'm Wearing
15   John Willie, Come On
16   Looking For Mugs In The Strand
17   Lucky Jim
18   Man Was A Stranger To Me, The
19   My Grandfather's Clock
20   My Mother Said
21   Odds And Ends
22   One Of The Boys
23   'Orrible 'Erbert
24   Our House is Haunted
25   Playing The Game In The West
26   Since I Had A Go At My Dumbells
27   Standing At The Corner Of The Street
28   Walker Walked Away
29   We All Went Home In A Cab
30   We All Went To Leicester Square
31   When Father Said He'd Pay The Rent
    Born James Booth in 1875 to Sarah Jane Booth, in Ashton-under-Lyne, Lancashire. His mother sang at the local pub in return for drink, this often resulted in her spending the night in the local police station, sobering up. Consequently, young James was left to sleep on the doorstep or in the outside lavatory which eventually resulted in the onset of asthma and bronchitis, from which he suffered for the rest of his life.
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