George leybourne
1   Awfully Clever
2   Barber's Apprentice Boy, The
3   Beautiful Columbine, The
4   Bloomsbury Square
5   Bold Fisherman, The
6   Bom! Bom! Bom!(Pretty Polly Pringle)
7   Captain Cuff
8   Champagne Charlie
9   Comet Of The West, The
10   Dark Girl Dress'd In Blue, The
11   Dear Me! Is That Possible?
12   Don't Make A Noise Or Else You'll Wake The Baby!
13   Fair Girl Dress'd In Check, The
14   Father Says I May
15   Gay Masquerade, The
16   Gold, Gold, Gold!
17   Good-Bye Polly
18   Gymnastic Wife, The
19   I Knew That I Was Dreaming
20   I Should Like To
21   I Wish I Was
22   I Won't Believe It's True
23   If Ever I Cease To Love
24   It Don't Suit Charlie Baker
25   Man On The Flying Trapeze, The
26   Moet And Shandon
27   Mouse-Trap Man, The
28   Oh, The Fairies!
29   Parisian Harry
30   Pretty Little Flora
31   Pretty Little Sarah
32   Punch and Judy Man, The
33   Sarah's Gone And Left Me
34   She Danced Like A Fairy
35   Showman, The
36   Shy! Shy! Dreadfully Shy
37   Telegraph Girl, The
38   Ting, Ting, That's How The Bell Goes
39   Up In A Balloon
40   Up In The Monument
41   Villiam Timothy Baggs
42   Where's My Dolly Gone To
43   Where's Rosanna Gone
44   Whoa Emma!
George Leybourne was one of the fashionable 'swells' of the music hall, known collectively as the Lions Comiques. The fashionable evening dress of the Lions Comiques performers contrasted greatly with the cloth-cap coster cockney image adopted by many other music hall performers.
Along with The Great Vance and Arthur Lloyd, George Leybourne had a reputation of living the high life and it was commented, in the late 19th century, that these Lions Comiques were men who set women just a little higher than their bottle. Leybourne's most famous song was Champagne Charlie. As top of the bill at the Canterbury Theatre he drank nothing but champagne in public and drove around London in a carriage drawn by four white horses.
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