GEORGE ROBEY (1869-1954)
George Robey
1   A.B. Ab
2   All For Her
3   All For The Best
4   And That's That
5   And Very Nice, Too
6   Another Little Drink
7   Arabella Binks
8   Archibald, Certainly Not
9   Artist, The
10   As A Friend
11   Auctioneer, The
12   Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime
13   Camille
14   Chinese Laundryman, The
15   Conclusions
16   Dear, Kind Doctor, A
17   Editress, The
18   Fancy That!
19   He'll Get It Where He's Gone Now
20   Hey Ho, What Might Have Been
21   I Bowed To Superior Knowledge
22   I Couldn't Exert Myself
23   I Haven't The Faintest Idea
24   I Live Underneath
25   I Mean To Say
26   I Naturally Resented The Intrusion
27   I Shall Sleep Well Tonight
28   I Shouldn't Be At All Surprised
29   I Stopped!... I Looked!... And I Listened!
30   I Think That'll Do For Today
31   I Wasn't Sure
32   Idea!, The
33   If You Were The Only Girl In The World
34   I'm The Widow Of Colonel De Tracy
35   It Suddenly Dawned Upon Me
36   It's A Lie
37   It's Fine
38   It's The First Time I've Ever Done That
39   Kindness Rewarded
40   Little Idea Of My Own, A
41   Lost Luggage Man, The
42   Marjor-ie! Marjor-osh!
43   Mere Detail, A
44   Music Hall Comic, The
45   My Hat's A Brown 'Un
46   Oh, How Rude
47   Oliver Cromwell
48   Piano Tuner, The
49   Prehistoric Man, The
50   Pro's Landlady, The
51   Quite Alright
52   Servants' Registry Office, The
53   Shakespeare, The Waggish Will Of Avon
54   She Spoke To Me First
55   Simple Pimple, The
56   Slight Mistake On The Part Of My Valet, A
57   Staring Me In The Face
58   Such A Look
59   That's What I Call Plucky
60   That's Where They Found Me
61   That's Work
62   They Wanted Me
63   They're Beginning To Notice Me
64   Thing He Had Never Done Before, A
65   Touching That Little Affair
66   Up-To-Date Servant, The
67   We Parted The Best Of Friends
68   What Funny Things You See
69   What I Have I'll Hold
70   What Is One Amongst So Many?
71   What Was There, Was Good
72   Where's The Butler
    George Edward Wade, better known by his stage name, George Robey, was an English music hall comedian and singer. He was known by audiences as the 'Prime Minister of Mirth'. Robey was born in Herne Hill, London into a middle class family. He earned small fees from performing music and song at local venues, adopting the stage name 'Robey' from a firm of builders, finally changing it by deed-poll.
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