GUS ELEN (1862-1940)
Gus Elen
1   A Nice Quiet Day
2   Allays In Jail
3   Arf A Pint Of Ale
4   Bore O' Bef'nal Green, The
5   Catch 'Em Alive
6   Coster's Mansion, The
7   Coster's Muvver, The
8   Coster's Pony, The
9   Don't Stop My 'Arf A Pint Of Beer
10   Down The Dials
11   Down The Road
12   'E 'As My Symperfy
13   'E Dunno Where 'E Are
14   'E Talks Like A Picture Book
15   Golden Dustman, The
16   If I Was King Of England
17   If It Wasn't For The 'Ouses In Between
18   I'm Going To Settle Down In England
19   It's A Great Big Shame
20   It's A Marvel 'Ow 'E Doos It But 'E Do
21   Jilted Shoe-Black, The
22   King Of The Castle
23   Meriah
24   Mrs Carter
25   My Next Door Neighbour's Gardin
26   Nature's Made A Big Mistake
27   Never Introduce Your Donah To A Pal
28   New Perjarma Hat, The
29   Our Pretty Little Willa Down At Barkin'
30   Our Tyke
31   Pavement Artist, The
32   Publican, The
33   Some O' Yer Do Git Abaht
34   There Ain't No Gettin' Rid Of 'Im At All
35   Wait Till The Work Comes Round
36   You 'Ave Made A Nice Old Mess Of It
37   You Could See As 'Ow 'E Didn't Feel At 'Ome
Ernest Augustus Elen was born in Pimlico, London on 22 July 1862. He began busking at an early age and found a position singing in a minstrel troupe. His solo success began in 1891 when he started performing in public houses, singing songs in a manner similar to many cockney fruit sellers and ironmongers of the time, known as costermongers. Because of this, he became known as a 'coster comedian'.
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