HARRY CHAMPION (1865-1942)
Harry Champion
1   All The Dogs Went Bow-Wow-Wow
2   Any Old Iron?
3   Any Old Rags?
4   Any Old Thing Will Do
5   Aunt Tilly
6   Belinda The Barber-ous
7   Best That Money Can Buy, The
8   Boiled Beef And Carrots
9   Brown, Brown Sit Down
10   C.A.R.R.O.T.Y
11   Cockney Bill Of London Town
12   Cover It Over Quick, Jemima
13   Dick, Dick, With Your Walking Stick
14   Doctor Shelley
15   Don't Do It Again, Matilda
16   Down Came The Blind
17   Down Fell The Pony In A Fit
18   End Of My Old Cigar, The
19   Everybody Knows Me In My Old Brown Hat
20   Everywhere You Go
21   Father Did Look Funny
22   Funny Little Bob-Tailed Coat, That
23   Ginger, You're Balmy!
24   Girl With The Golden Hair, The
25   Good Blow-Out For Fourpence, A
26   Good Old Yorkshire Pudden
27   Hangin' 'Em Out To Dry
28   Have A Drop Of Gin, Joe
29   Have You Paid The Rent
30   Here Comes Beaver
31   Here Comes Old Father Christmas
32   Hey Diddle Diddle
33   Home-Made Sausages
34   Hot Meat Pies, Saveloys And Trotters
35   I Enjoyed It
36   I See You've Got The Old Brown Hat On
37   I Sh'an't Mend Your Waistcoat Anymore
38   I Want Meat
39   I Was Holding My Coconut
40   I'm Getting Ready For Mother-In-Law
41   I'm Henery The Eight, I Am
42   I'm Proud Of My Old Bald Head
43   I'm William The Conqueror
44   In My Old White Spats
45   In Training
46   It Won't Last Very, Very Long
47   It's Cold Without Your Trousers
48   Keep Your 'Ands In Your Trouser Pockets
49   Let's Have A Basin Of Soup
50   Little Bit Of Cucumber, A
51   My Old Iron Cross
52   My Poor Heart Went Pitter Patter
53   My Wife's Sister's Pussy Cat
54   Nan, Nan, Nan
55   Natty Little Patch Behind, A
56   Never Let Your Braces Dangle
57   Oh! That Gorgonzola Cheese
58   Old Red Lion, The
59   On The Mediterranean
60   On Top
61   Out Went The Gas
62   P.C. Green
63   Put A Bit Of Treacle On My Puddin' Mary Ann
64   Ragtime Ragshop, The
65   Red, White and Blue
66   Robin Redbreast
67   Samuel Duff
68   Saturday
69   Standard Bread
70   Timothy Let's 'Ave A Look
71   We've All Been Having A Go At It
72   What A Mouth
73   When The Old Dun Cow Caught Fire
74   While I Was Licking The Stamp
75   Who Says London Ain't The Country
76   Wind Blew It Out, The
77   Work Boys Work
78   Wotcher My Old Brown Son
79   Yer 'At Don't Fit Yer Very Well
80   You Can't Help Laughing, Can Yer?
81   You Don't Want To Keep On Showing It
82   You Ought To See The Missus In A Harem Shirt
    Harry Champion, born William Crump, was raised in Shoreditch, London, and first appeared in a music hall at the age of 15 under the name 'Will Conray'. With a wide repertoire of songs, many of them sung at breakneck speed and often about the joys of food, became one of music hall's most successful artists.
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