HARRY CLIFTON (1832-1872)
1   Awfully Jolly
2   Broken Down
3   Calico Printer's Clerk, The
4   Cushie Butterfield
5   Dark Girl Dress'd In Blue, The
6   Faithless Maria
7   Granny Snow
8   Hardware Line, The
9   Isabella, The Barber's Daughter
10   It's Not The Miles We Travel
11   Mary Ann
12   Mere Detail, A
13   Merry Old Uncle Joe
14   Motto For Every Man, A
15   My Mother-In-Law
16   Paddle Your Own Canoe
17   Polly Perkins Of Paddington Green
18   Send Back My Barney To Me
19   Shabby Genteel
20   Shelling Green Peas
21   Ten Minutes Too Late
22   Up With The Lark In The Morning
23   Wait For The Turn Of The Tide
24   Watercress Girl, The
25   Weepin' Willer, The
26   Work Boys Work
27   Work Boys Work And Be Contented
Harry Clifton (1824-1872) wrote popular lyrics that always had a moral while being sentimental but not too "mushy;" he became known as the writer of Motto Songs. Born in London and orphaned at a young age, Clifton showed talent for music as a child and began to perform and write music as soon as he was able. While he wrote lyrics for over 500 songs, Clifton often borrowed well-known music to accompany them. Music for "A Motto for Every Man" was borrowed from the "Corn Flower Waltz."
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