HARRY RANDALL (1857 - 1932)
Harry Randall
1   Boarding House, The
2   Ghost of Benjamin Binns, The
3   He Wore A Worried Look
4   I Can't Get At It
5   I Don't Know Where He Gets His Ideas
6   I Forgot It
7   I'll Say No More To Mary Ann
8   I'm Using Sunday Language All The Week
9   It's Only A False Alarm
10   Mother Always Sends The Very Thing
11   Ninepence-Ha'penny An Hour
12   Oh, My Tooth
13   Oh, The Models
14   Poor Pa Paid
15   Same Old Lie, The
16   She's Changed My Boots For A Set Of Jugs
17   Shoreditch Handicap, The
18   Something Tickled Her Fancy
19   Tatcho
20   They All Take After Me
21   Up to Here
22   We're Moving
23   Who Killed Cock Warren
24   Whistling Wife, The
25   You 'Ave To 'Ave 'Em
    Harry Randall's first professional appearance was in 1884 at Deacon's Music Hall in Islington. He was very close friends with champion dancer Dan Leno and, like Leno, Randall became known for his comedy character songs and his pantomime dames, several of which he performed in pantomimes with Leno.  He became so well known that his name was used in the rhyming slang for 'candles' which became known as 'Harry Randalls,' or simply 'Harrys.'
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