Herbert Campbell
1   At My Time Of Life
2   But That's The Wust O' Girls
3   Comin' Thro' The Rye (Parody)
4   Dada's Baby Boy (Parody)
5   Father, Dear Father, The Brokers Are In
6   Great McNoodle, The
7   Have You Noticed It?
8   I Don't Want To Fight
9   I Kissed Her Under The Parlour Stairs
10   In My Fust 'Usband's Time
11   It's The Seasoning Wot Does It
12   Miner's Dream Of Home, The (Parody)
13   My Inventive Pal
14   Now We Sha'n't Be Long
15   Oil Shop, The
16   Patching Up The Seats Of The Mighty
17   Pirate Bus, The
18   Seaside Holiday At Home, A
19   Six Months Hard
20   They Ain't No Class
21   They're All Very Fine And Large
    Herbert Campbell began his career as a 'minstrel', performing with his hands and face blackened, presenting an idealised view of life in America. He was famous for his 'Dame songs', where he impersonated women, wearing dresses, wigs and padding to create characters that were the original pantomime dames. He was a large man and often appeared in a double act with the diminutive Dan Leno bearing the brunt of the jokes. He went on to manage a number of Music Halls and in 1898 he built the Granville Theatre of Varieties in Fulham Broadway.
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