JACK PLEASANTS (1874-1924)
Jack Pleasants
1   Come In And Cut Yourself A Piece Of Cake
2   Fourteen And Sixpence A Week
3   I Deserve A Good Slapping, I Do
4   I Said, 'Good-Bye'
5   I Shall Be A Bad Lad, 'Liza Ann
6   I Shall Get In A Row When Martha Knows
7   I Shall Sulk
8   I Want To Be Pally With Everyone
9   I Went A Jazzing
10   I'll Be Cross, Arabella, I'll Be Cross
11   I'm 21 Today
12   I'm Learning A Song For Christmas
13   I'm Shy Mary Ellen, I'm Shy
14   I'm The Black Sheep Of The Flock
15   It's My Bath Night, Tonight
16   It's The First Time That I've Been In Love
17   I've Lost All Ambition In Life
18   Just To Show Who Was Boss In The House
19   Let's Play Something That We All Know
20   Liza Had Hold Of My Hand
21   Long Years Ago
22   My Mother's So Particular With Me
23   My New Hat
24   Nobody Noticed Me
25   Oh! Dear Brethren, Oh!
26   She Made Me Do It
27   She's Awfully Jealous Of Me
28   To Cheer Him Up And Help Him On His Way
29   Watching The Trains Come In
30   Watching The Trains Go Out
31   We'd A Party At Our House
32   Where Do Flies Go In The Winter Time?
33   Why Do They Call Me Archibald?
    Born in Yorkshire in 1875, Jack Pleasants was an artist who was popular in the northen music halls in the early part of the twentieth century. Many of his recordings reveal that he was content to play the part of the 'Bashful Fool', an ingenue whose assumed lack of experience with women appeared to be merely a surface veneer.
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