MARIE LLOYD (1870-1922)
Marie Lloyd
1   Actions Speak Louder Than Words
2   Among My Knick-Knacks
3   And She Lisped When She Said 'Yes'
4   And The Leaves Began To Fall
5   And The Parrot Said
6   Are You Looking For A Girl Like Me
7   Barmaid, The
8   Bathing
9   Bird In The Hand, A
10   Bond Street, Tea Walk
11   Boy In The Gallery, The
12   Buy Me Some Almond Rock
13   Chance Your Luck
14   Chili Widow, The
15   Clever, Ain't You?
16   Come Along, Let's Make It Up
17   Coster's Christening, The
18   Coster's Wedding, The
19   Customs Of The Country
20   Directoire Girl, The
21   Don't Dilly Dally On The Way
22   Don't Laugh
23   Every Little Movement
24   Everything In The Garden's Lovely
25   Feminine Moods And Tenses
26   Folkstone For The Day
27   French Lady's Maid, The
28   G'arn Away
29   Geisha, The
30   Girl In The Khaki Dress
31   Girl On The Ran-Dan-Dan, The
32   Good Old Iron
33   He Knows A Good Thing When He Sees It
34   Hulloa, Hulloa, Hulloa
35   I Can't Forget The Days When I Was Young
36   I Don't Know How To Tell Yer But I Lubs Yer
37   I Like You And You Like Me
38   I Live In Hopes
39   I'd Like To Live In Paris All The Time
40   If You Want To Get On In Revue
41   I'm A Good Girl Now
42   It Didn't Come Off After All
43   It's A Jolly Fine Game Played Slow
44   I've Never Lost My Last Train, Yet
45   Just As If She Didn't Know
46   Kitty Carney
47   Listen With The Right Ear
48   Little Bit Of Lovin', A
49   Little Of What You Fancy Does You Good, A
50   Madam Duvan
51   Maid Of London, Ere We Part
52   My Actor Man
53   Naughty! Naughty! Naughty!
54   No 'Arry, Don't Ask Me To Marry
55   Not For Bill
56   Now You've Got Yer Khaki On
57   Of Course
58   Oh! Mister What's-Er-Name
59   Oh, Mister Porter
60   One Of The Ruins That Cromwell Knocked About
61   Piccadilly Trot, The
62   Poor Thing
63   Put On Your Slippers
64   Red And The White And The Blue, The
65   Rich Girl And The Poor
66   Rosie Had A Very Rosy Time
67   Rum-Tiddley-Um-Tum-Tay
68   Salute My Bicycle!
69   She Doesn't Know That I Know What I Know
70   She Wore A Little Safety-Pin Behind
71   She'd Never Had A Lesson In Her Life
72   Shop Girl, The
73   Silly Fool
74   Sleep! Sleep! He's Always Got His Eyes Shut
75   Spanish SeƱora, The
76   Story Of A Clothes Line, The
77   Tale Of The Skirt, The
78   Talk About A Big Responsibility
79   That Accounts For It
80   That Was A Bloomer
81   That Was Before My Time
82   That's How The Little Girl Got On
83   There They Are, The Two Of Them On Their Own
84   There Was Something On His Mind
85   Three Ages Of Woman, The
86   Tiddley-Om-Pom
87   Tommy Make Room For Your Uncle
88   Tricky Little Trilby
89   Twiddly Wink, The
90   Twiggy Voo
91   Vat Ze English Call Ze - Vat Ze Name?
92   Whacky, Whacky, Whack!
93   What Did She Know About Railways
94   What, What
95   What's That For, Eh?
96   When I Take My Morning Promenade
97   Who Are You Getting At, Eh?
98   Who Paid The Rent For Mrs Rip Van Winkle
99   William 'Enry Sarnders
100   Wink The Other Eye
101   Wrong Girl. The
102   Wrong Man, The
103   You Ain't Ashamed O' Me, Are You, Bill?
104   You Can't Stop A Girl From Thinking
105   You Needn't Wink, I Know!
106   Young Country Squire, The
107   You're A Thing Of The Past, Old Dear
Matilda Alice Victoria Wood was born on 12 February 1870 in Hoxton, London. She made her debut on the Halls when she was aged 15, under the name of Bella Delmare. Subsequently she appeared as Marie Lloyd in June 1885, having taken her surname from Lloyd's Weekly News. Her first success was with the song 'The Boy I Love Is Up In The Gallery', a song 'borrowed' from Nelly Power.
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