MARK SHERIDAN (1866-1918)
Mark Sheridan
1   All The Little Ducks Went Quack, Quack, Quack
2   And The Villain Still Pursued Her
3   Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser
4   By The Sea
5   Colonel Knut
6   Hello, Hello, Who's Your Lady Friend?
7   Here We Are, Here We are Again
8   I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside
9   I Do Like To Listen To The Church Bells
10   I Felt Quite Sorry For The Fellow
11   I Wanted A Wife
12   I'd Like To Shake, Shake, Shake Shakespeare
13   It Was Very, Very Warm There
14   Josser Cricketer, The
15   Oh Be Careful (or Nursery Rhymes)
16   One Of The Soldiers
17   Other Things Too Numerous To Mention
18   We All Went Marching Home Again
19   We'll All March To Trafalgar Square
20   What A Game It Is! Wow! Wow!
21   What A Grand Place London Would Be
22   Who Were You With Last Night?
23   Wibbley Wobbley Walk, The
24   You Can Do Things At The Seaside
    Born Frederick Shaw to Scottish-Irish parents in Hendon, County Durham he began working with his father, a sail maker, on the Sunderland docks. He then started working in the back offices of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne Theatre for four years between 1877–1881. There, he became interested in performing and took up amateur dramatics. 'Fred' was already a popular name on the music hall circuit at that time, and so he changed his name to perform professionally.
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