NELLIE WALLACE (1870-1948)
Nellie Wallace
1   Bang! Bang! Bang!
2   Blasted Oak, The
3   Cuckoo, The
4   Geranium
5   Half Past Nine On My Wedding Day
6   He's A Dear Old Man
7   I Lost Georgie In Trafalgar Square
8   I Was Born On A Friday
9   Isn't It A Cruel World
10   Let's have A Tiddley At The Milk-Bar
11   Mother's Pie Crust
12   Queenie The Carnival Queen
13   Tally-Ho!
14   Three Cheers For The Red, White And Blue
15   Three Times A Day
16   Under The Bed
17   Where Are You Going To, My Pretty Maid
    Eleanor Jane Wallis Tayler was born 18 March 1870 in Glasgow, Scotland. Nellie's first Solo performance on the stage was as a clog dancer at the age of 12 in Birmingham. Prior to this she had performed with her sisters Emma and Fanny, also singers and dancers. Nellie's London debut came in 1903 where she had a rapid rise to fame and became much loved by her audiences.
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