SAM MAYO (1875-1938)
Sam Mayo
1   Are Yer Goin' To Have One?
2   At A Minute To Seven, Last Night
3   Bread And Marmalade
4   Chinaman, The
5   Clap Hands, Daddy's Come Home
6   Down And Out Blues, The
7   Eskimo, The
8   Fiddle-de-diddle-de-dee
9   Far, Far Away
10   Ha! Ha! Ha! He! He! He!
11   He's Gone To Where They Don't Play Billiards
12   He's Got No Work To Do
13   I Can't Forget The Days When I Was Young
14   I Didn't Stop Running
15   I Played My Concertina
16   I Ran Straight Home With The News
17   I Rang My Little Bell And Ran Away
18   I Was Having My Breakfast In Bed
19   I Went Round The Following Morn
20   If You Want To Get On In Revue
21   I'm Frightened - And Why
22   I'm Going To Sing A Song
23   Kind Friends
24   Listen To Me And I'll Prove That I'm Right
25   Most Miserable Man On Earth, The
26   My London Gal
27   Night Began To Fall, The
28   Night Watchman, The
29   Policeman, The
30   Poor Old Pa!
31   Pushing Young Man, The
32   Put That Gramophone Record On Again
33   Sam Mayo's Mirth Mixture
34   Sh! I Jumped On A Bus
35   Smith, Jones, Robinson And Brown
36   Tally-Ho!
37   Wallah, Wallah Wallaperoo
38   We All Jumped Out Of Bed
39   We Don't Want Another War
40   When I Woke Up In The Morning
41   Where Do Flies Go In The Winter Time?
42   Widow's Song, The
43   Wind Blew Hard From The North South West
44   Would You Like To Know The Reason?
    Sam Mayo was billed as 'The Immobile One' because, dressed in an old dressing gown, he sang his songs with no sign of emotion.
Sam actually held the record for turn-working. Artistes would appear at several halls each night... usually two or three. But in one week, in January 1905, Sam whizzed round the halls and crammed in an incredible nine turns a night. For good measure he threw in four matinees, making a total of fifty eight (58) performances. - From 'Round The Town' by Tony Barker.
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