Thro' being fond of acting right, straight forward, just and fair
I try to make my trouble light, and little do I care
As happy as a king I live, on just what I can spare
And from experience I give this hint, act on the square

Chorus: Act on the square boys, act on the square
Upright and fair boys, act on the square
Act on the square boys, act on the square
Upright and fair boys, act on the square.

Now in the street, a thing so bad, which often is the case
A selfish foolish looking lad some modest girl will chase
Then square you round and let him see if he annoyance dare
You'll give him striking proof to shew, how to act on the square.


When out one night with noisy swells, th' Haymarket kept alive
One Serjeant X with oyster shells, to pelt they did contrive
They nearly got into disgrace, but squaring served them there
And brightly shone the bobby's face, who like to see things square.


I never liked a round game, nay, round tables can't a-bear
And in a circus I can't stay so I live in a square
Now brothers all and masons too, of good let's do our share
And when a chance presents itself we must act on the square.

Written and composed by Alfred Lee - 1866
Performed by Harry Sydney (1825-1870)
Performed by Alfred Vance (1838-1888)
Performed by Eunice Vance (protege of but not related to Alfred Vance)
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