I was arguing with Sandy McQueen the other day
And like all canny Scotsmen, he would have his say
Sandy said that Adam was a Scotsman to the hilt
Because he wore a filibeg, and never wore a kilt
Sandy said that Adam's proper name was Mac
His tartan was a fig leaf, the colour green and black.

Chorus: Aye, Adam was a Scotsman, there's nae doot
He had nae troosers when he went oot
His kilt was a fig-leaf picked from a tree
His troosers never got baggy at the knee
With a fi-fol-doodalum-a-doo-dum-day
With a fi-fol-doodalum-a-doo-dum-day
Adam was a Scotsman.

Noo, Adam was a farmer, in the apple trade
One day he went to market and he met a pretty maid
Then she stole an apple and took such a lovely bite
And Adam got quite nervous when he saw her appetite
Noo, Adam was a Scotsman on a business trip
Eve she got the apple, poor Adam got the pip.


They thought that they'd get married, so what did Adam do
Eve she popped the question, as other ladies do
Rushing through the heather and they danced the highland fling
Then they waltzed in a circle just to make a wedding ring
It shows that he was careful to get his money's worth
So you've got to blame MacAdam for Scotsmen on this Earth.

Performed by Jock Whiteford
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