Isn't love wonderful? girls, oh girls
When a boy says to you, ''What nice curls
Let us take a ramble where the grass grows high.''
Then Cupid fires his arrow and you softly sigh.

Chorus: Ain' it nice when he offers you a poppy
Ain' it nice when he looks at you so sloppy?
Ain't it nice when you sit upon a stile?
And he says, 'I love you please don't smile' ain' it nice
When a bee that's after honey
Tumbles down your back, and though you're most precise
When he puts his thumb and finger,
Down your back to catch the stinger
And you feel him kind of linger. Ain' it nice?

Ten o'clock! What a shock! Oh, it's late
Twenty past! home at last! at your gate
He stand till eleven, or perhaps ten past
Mother doesn't mind, she thinks you've clicked at last

Chorus: Ain' it nice when you're squeezing in the doorway
Ain' it nice though it's colder far than Norway?
Ain' it nice when he's never kissed before?
And he says, ''Miss do I blow or draw?'' Ain' it nice?
When Ma asks him in to supper
And you think he's used to champagne served on ice
You feel all your chances slipping
And the tablecloth you're gripping
Till he says, 'I like your dripping.' Ain' it nice?

Soon the bells, wedding bells, ring ding, dong
Man and wife, tied for life, good and strong
When the parson whispers, ''Don't forget that we
Have our christenings every Sunday twelve till three.''

Chorus: Ain' it nice when the men all rush to kiss you
Ain' it nice when Ma cries and says she'll miss you?
Ain' it nice that old wedding toast that runs?
'May all your cares be little ones.' Ain' it nice?
When they all go home and leave you
And you're thinking is this earth or paradise?
When he whispers, ''You're my own dear
We won't need a chaperone, dear
And, at last we're all alone dear. Ain' it nice?''
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Written by R.P. Weston & Bert Lee - Composed by R. Harris & R.P. Weston
Performed by Daisy Dormer
Born Kezia Beatrice Stockwell, the daughter of a Portsmouth dockyard worker, “Dainty” Daisy Dormer was one of the most popular Music Hall stars in the years before World War One. Among the songs particularly associated with her are Ain’t It Nice? and I Wouldn’t Leave My Little Wooden Hut For You.
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