Mandolins, violins,
Hear the darkies tuning up, the fun begins
Come this way, don't delay, better hurry dear or you'll be missin'
Music sweet, ragtime treat,
Goes right to your head and tickles your feet
It's a reminder, a memory finder
Of nights down in old Alabam.

Chorus: You ought to see Deacon Jones when he rattles his bones
Old Parson Brown foolin' around like a clown
Aunt Jemima who is past eighty-three
Shoutin' I'm full of pep, watch yo' step, yo' step
One-legged Joe danced round on his toe
Threw away his crutch and shouted 'Let her go'
Oh honey, hail, hail, the gang's all here
For an Alabama Jubilee.

Hear that flute, it's a beaut,
And the tunes it's tootin', tootsie ain't they cute.
Let's begin, it's a sin, to be missin' all the syncopated music
Oh you June, once again
Give your legs some exercise to that refrain
Boy, that's what makes me so dreamy and takes me
Back home to my old Alabam.

Performed by Elizabeth Murry
An American Standard written by George L. Cobb & Jack Yellen, first recorded by Collins and Harlan in 1915. Other hit versions by Red Foley (1951), Ferko String Band (1955) and a Grammy Award winner by Roy Clark (1981).
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