I once had a gown it was almost new
Oh, the daintiest thing, it was sweet Alice Blue
With little forget-me-nots placed here and there
When I had it on, I walked on the air
And it wore and it wore and it wore
Till it went and it wasn't no more

Chorus: In my sweet little Alice blue gown,
When I first wandered down into town
I was both proud and shy,
As I felt every eye,
But in every shop window I'd primp, passing by
Then in a manner of fashion I'd frown
And the world seemed to smile all around,
Till it wilted I wore it,
I'll always adore it,
My sweet little Alice blue gown.

The little silkworms that made silk for that gown,
Just made that much silk, and then crawled in the ground,
For there never was anything like it before,
And I don't dare to hope there will be any more
But it's gone 'cause it just had to be
Still it wears in my memory

Written and composed by Joseph McCarthy and Harry Tierney
Edith Day (1896-1971), actress and singer. The beautiful, round‐faced, dark‐haired performer, who was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, made her stage debut in 1915. By 1917 she was the leading lady of "Going Up" then scored a huge success in the title role of Irene (1919) in which she introduced Alice Blue Gown.
For many years she was one of London's leading musical stars, earning the title of Queen of Drury Lane.
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