A battleship was finishing a trip
Coming into port once more
She'd been away for many a day
A sailor boy wore a look of joy
As he gazed upon the dear old shore
For he saw a girl, and with a brain a-whirl
He began to roar,

Chorus: 'All hands on deck! There's a pretty little craft in sight
All hands on deck, for she does look all right
What do we care if the ship becomes a wreck
Oh, we haven't seen a girl for eighteen months
All hands on deck.'

The boy in blue and half the bally crew
Clambered up the mizzen-mast
The stokers too were taking a view
The bosun's mate got in such a state
As his eyes on the fair one fell
That in frenzied tone through a megaphone
He began to yell,


When she appeared, the man who should have steered
Left the ship to steer itself
And o'er the spray it drifted away
It struck a rock through this bit of frock
Then to founder it soon began
And a signal sped to the mainmast's head
This is how it ran,


Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & Dan Lipton - 1909
Performed by George Lashwood (1863-1942)
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