Charley's a sport, jolly old sort, oh such a nice young man
Gaily he struts, one of the Knuts, Charley's a Don Juan
All the nice girls, they love him so, Charley has such a way you know
Sipped the honey, then buzzed away like a giddy old bumble bee
But that's all changed- for Charley's going to settle down all right
And it's his last night out tonight.

Chorus: All the nice girls love Charley
There's a merry little twinkle in his eye
He's got a way they can't resist
Many's the girlie girl he's kissed
He lets no chance go by Hi
Such a good sport is Charley
Girlies come along and love him while you can
For the wedding bells will ring tomorrow morning
But tonight he is a single man.

Charley tonight, means to invite bunches of girls to dine
Plenty of boys, plenty of noise, plenty of fizzy wine
If the ladies begin to sigh, dear old Charley is sure to cry
'Girls I'm ready to share my kisses, so do as you like with me
Tomorrow morn - your Charley's going to join the married class
And then he must, 'Keep off the grass.'


'Oh! what a day,' Charley will say, as he goes down the aisle
Beautiful bride, there by his side, smiling a lovely smile
Rather worried he's sure to be, if he happens to turn and see
There together, in one big bunch, all the girlies he used to know
And when he's wed - no doubt each girl will sigh quite tearfully
'Oh! don't I wish that it was me!'

Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1915
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