The singer is supposed to be suffering from a sever cold in the head and speaks thro' his nose.

The other day I took a bos,
Frob here to Cabden Towd,
Ad as it poured with raid,
I got idside ad sat be dowd;
The bus was full idside,
There wasn t roob for ady bore,
But! the codductor startled us,
By opedig the door.

Spoken: And saying will any gentleman oblige a lady, Well I've always beed doted for by gallantry to the fair sex, so I jumped up ad said I will, where is she? brig her id, You 'll have to get outside first said the codductor, So as I saw the lady was very pretty I thought I'd oblige her, Ad outside I went, and got soaked to the skid -

Chorus: All through obligig a lady,
All through obligig a lady,
A cold id by poor head,
Ad a fortdight id by bed,
Ad all through obligig a lady.

You know the sort of weather
We were havig id July,
One binute peltig showers,
Ad the dext a cloudless sky,
I happed to get outside,
Just id tibe to catch the shower,
Ad it pelted dowd without a pause,
For dearly half ad hour.

Spoken: I was id a state, A cook could have bade a fide perquisite of me, as I was all drippig, "Whed I got hobe, my wife said good gracious, Jod what's the batter, what a state you are id, how is this, Why, I replied it's -

Chorus: All through obligig a lady,
All through obligig a lady,
I spoiled by Suday clothes,
Ad am speakig through by dose,
Ad all through obligig a lady.

I dropt by wet habiliments,
And tubbled idto bed,
Oh,what a state you're id,
By darlig Jod, the bissus said,
She persuaded be at last,
Although I'm stubborn as a bule,
To drink sob boilig water,
Ad put both by feet id gruel.

Spoken: Yes, ad I did that every dight for a week, A friend cabe fo dide with be to-day, and said I wish you would not speak like that Jack! can't help it I replied, it's by bisfortune dot by fault, Dodsense be said, its your dabbed ignorance - At ady rate you bight blow your dose, I said blow it yourself its as dear to you as it is to be, But he asked how is it you're id this state, Oh,I said the old gabe -

Chorus: All through obligig a lady,
All through obligig a lady,
Ad the quantity of gruel,
I have swallowed s really cruel,
Ad all through obligig a lady,

I'll take good care whed I agaid,
Id obdibusses ride,
That dothing will idduce me,
Wed it raids to get outside,
Though I like obligig ladies,
I shall dever do it agaid,
At least to get byself soaked thro'
By sittig id the raid.

Spoken: Dever had so buch trouble id by life,
Away frob busidess a fortdight, ill id bed, can't, speak splain, Ad by wife so upset thinkig I was goig to have beasles or sobethig or other thed, she took suddedly ill yesterday ad presented be with a pair of fide boys, That's what I call codsubately too, I'b proud to be a father, but I didn't expect that bore trouble ad -

Chorus: All through obligig a lady,
All through obligig a lady,
The trouble I have had,
Is enough to drive be bad,
Ad all through obligig a lady.

Written and composed by Arthur Lloyd - 1882
Performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840 - 1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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