Over from Barcelona came a toreador one day
Leaving his sweet senora just wearing her heart away
Soon he forgot his sweetheart, so she came to England too
And this lady from Spain rambled on in this strain
As she sought for her lover untrue,

Chorus: 'Alphonso, my Alphonso - has a new girl now
I do miss my Alphonso so, nobody else could go on so
But I'll meet him - yes I'll meet him - with his English Mary Jane
And he'll fancy he's back in the bull-ring in sunny sunny Spain.

All through the lanes and byways she sought for this toreador
But no trace of her Alphonso the poor little lady saw
So a guitar she purchased and practised for quite a while
And the echoes then ran as she plaintively sang
In the recognised troubadore style,


One day an English maiden by chance heard her melody
Said she, 'If you want Alphonso please take him away from me
You say that he goes on so - he goes on a bit too far.'
Now his wife domineers, and Alphonso still hears
To the strains of an awful guitar,

Written and composed by C. W. Murphy - 1909
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