Here comes a poor sailor from Botany Bay
And what have you got to give him today?
I don't mind what you give me, providing nobody gives me the bird
Once I went to a cricket match, while in the pavilion I sat
Someone sitting behind me said, 'Hey, mister , take off your hat!'
And move your fat head, for we can't see the score
I got up and said, 'Very sorry I'm sure,

Chorus: 'Am I in the way? am I in the way?'
They cried, 'Chuck him out, he's a nuisance in here!'
Thought I, 'Of this mob I intend to keep clear.'
Then I said, as a ball hit me slap in the ear, 'Am I in the way?'

We sailors get into some awful plights
Myself I've seen dozens of dirty nights
What with the thunder and lightning, and thunder
And sometimes the thunder and lightning
Once while out on the China Sea, I thought I would go for a swim
All of a sudden our captain cried, 'look out for that vessel Jim.'
They sounded the fog-horn, and shouted at me
I said, 'What's the matter, d'yer want all the sea?

Chorus: 'Am I in the way? am I in the way?'
I got caught in the paddle-wheel - talk about shocks
It made me do Catharine Wheels and the rocks
Then I said, as they dragged me from that paddle box, 'Was I in the way?'

I went to a theatre one week ago
And got a front seat in the gallery you know
I was really enjoying myself, for I cried like a kid all the time
Some old fellow sat next to me, and spotted a pal coming in
He said, 'Come on, here's tons of room.'
Then he turned to me with a grin,
And said, Now then funny-face, move up d'yer hear?'
And then, as he pushed me, I said, 'Dear, dear,

Chorus: 'Am I in the way? am I in the way?'
He gave me a shove and said, 'Move up a bit,'
Then over the railing I soon did a flit
And I said, as I fell on a girl in the pit, 'Am I in the way?'
Written and composed by Frank Leo - 1900
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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