The girl that I'm now courting is a very decent sort
As good as gold but rather green and doesn't care for sport
She seldom smiles she seldom jokes she seldom winks her eye
And very rarely offers me a kiss upon the sly.

Chorus: She'll do it at once if I ask her, she isn't an obstinate miss
She'll do it at once if I ask her, she doesn't object to a kiss
Tho' once she was shy and used to say
'Fie kissing's a very rude game.'
But now I can squeeze, kiss, cuddle and tease
And she never says, 'Fie for shame!'

She says she never had a beau before she fancied me
In fact a more no nothing girl I don't think there could be
She'd never sit with soldiers on those nice seats in the park
She'd never take a country walk with young men after dark, but


She's something quite uncommon, she's the pearliest of pearls
She ne'er gets out of temper as you often find the girls
At taking all the ills of life good humouredly she aim's
She never elevates her nose or calls me nasty names, but


She's nurse-maid in a family and honest as the day
She never wears her mistress' dress or gives cold grub away
She never sneaks cooks kitchen stuff or sells her empty jars
And very seldom steals for me her master's best cigars, but


It's settled I'm to marry her 'twill take place by and by
I think she'll make a decent wife altho' she is so shy
She says she'll never tear my hair or jump upon my toes
Nor lock me out of doors at night or pawn my Sunday clothes, but

Written and composed by W. Pink & Frank P Aylmer - 1883
Performed by James Fawn (1850-1923)
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