Some girls, soon as they get in their teens
Always turn their minds to love
They imagine that a young man's best
But take my word I've put 'em to the test
I've discovered that an old man's better
When all is said and done
Though his hair may be grey, in his sweet old way
He can make your life a happy one.

Chorus: Some girls, when they think of marriage, get about all they can
Some girls, when they think of marriage, fancy a nice young man
But I'm not so inclined, for none of these things I crave
I'd rather be an old man's darling than a young man's slave.

Young men, soon as ever they take on a wife
Start their antics right away
All the day he'll lay about in bed
The wife must find the butter and the bread
What a difference with a dear old fellow
He's all that's true and good
No 'Wire' do you get, 'I'm detained, my pet'
No, he comes home, as a husband should.


Old chaps, when they take a wife and settle down
Settle down in real good style
They're not jealous like the young men, no
For they will trust you anywhere you go
Ladies, take this good advice I'm giving
As this life you go through
Be it pleasure or strife, his one thought's his wife
He's a husband and a father too.

Published 1903
Performed by Vesta Victoria
Written & composed by Fred Murray and George Everard
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