They had been out for the day, and they'd somehow lost their way
In a forest, for the hour was getting late
Both the maiden and her swain thought 'We'll do in our last train'
And the maiden got in quite a nervous state
It was early Autumn time, and the scenery was sublime
All around them lay the falling leaves of brown
'Never mind the train' said he, 'We can hire a motor,see'
She said 'Very well, in that case let's sit down.'

Said the maiden - pretty maiden
'I'm so glad that we can get home after all'
And they both felt just as good
As the two babes in the wood
When the leaves began to fall.

Once a multi-millionaire bought a mansion rich and rare
And he furnished it with really lavish taste
He on statues spent his pounds, just to ornament his grounds
And those statues - some of 'em - were very chaste
There was one called Venus, which was particularly rich
Though it must have felt a bit cold at the knees
And old connoisseurs, you see, used to rub their hands with glee
When he planted Venus 'neath his chestnut tree.

And the statue - classic statue
Stood beneath the trees 'mid nodings on' at all
It was lucky, when a pair
Of young lovers wandered there
That the leaves began to fall.
Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George LeBrunn
Performed by Marie Lloyd
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