Have you heard the tale of the Parrot
To tell you it's history I'll do my best
It first started life with a single young lady
Who lived in a flat somewhere West
A gentleman friend called to see her one night
The maid was attired to perfection
They sat in the gloom of a nice cosy room
And he spoke of an undying affection
They sat there and gazed into each others eyes
For three hours the Parrot heard nothing but sighs

Chorus: And the parrot sat there with a nonchalant air
And a cynical smile on it's beak
At last the young fellow exclaimed with a leer
'And am I the first you have ever loved, dear?'
And the parrot said, 'Yes, this week!'

A married man next had the parrot
A poor married man, all hen-pecked and meek
For twenty-five years his darling wife
Had promised to take him away for a week
They went to Ostend, and the parrot they took
But during a very rough crossing
The lady, I'm told, of the ship lost hold
And was soon on the angry waves tossing
Poor hubby looked round, there was no one about
Should he let her sink, or should he fish her out.

Chorus: And the parrot sat there with a wise knowing air
'What on earth shall I do?' the man cries
Once more I am free if I just let her drown
But what can I do? I can't watch her go down'
And the parrot said, 'Shut your eyes.'

The parrot then lived with an actress
A swell leading lady of tragedy fame
She'd got tired of lap-dogs and husbands with titles
And so on the scene Polly came
The actress each day would rehearse a new play
Where she had to starve in a garret
And being all alone in the house on her own
She repeated her lines to the parrot.
'I'm starving,' she cried, 'Tasted nothing today
Oh where is my husband? Do tell me I pray'

Chorus: And the parrot sat there with a cynical stare
As she cried, 'I'm on poverty's brink
Oh why has he left me? is it because I
Am too innocent, too young and too shy?'
And the parrot said, 'I don't think!'
Written and composed by Worton David & Orlando Powell - 1907
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
Performed by Daisy Jerome (b. 1881)
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