Pray pardon this introduction but I'll unhappy be for life,
I'm nearly brought to destruction by the prank of a pretty little wife,
She is just like a bird of paradise and not more than twenty years of age,
She always looks so very nice but I'll tell you what puts me in a rage.

Chorus: Oh! Angelina was always fond of soldiers,
When I think on't I can't restrain my tears.
She was once so very kind but I've lost my peace of mind,
Since the visit of the Belgium Volunteers, tum, tum.

I'm completely lost and undone, on the Garde Civique I lay the blame;
Since the Belgiums came to London, Angelina has never been the same.
I promised her, altho' I had my fears, I must have been as simple as a mouse,
To get aquainted with some volunteers and introduce a belgium to my house.


One fellow I invited, he came in his handsome uniform;
My wife was quite delighted and they talked 'til four in the morn.
I sat in the room just like a stick, not knowing what to say or what to do,
For my wife could sprike ze Deutschen like a brick,
I could neither Deutschen sprike nor parley voo.


To the Agricultural Hall, my wife was determined she would go,
So I had to take her to the grand Ball and certainly she made a tidy show.
She danced with the belgium Volunteer, for refreshment too, he often took her out;
My anguish made me feel so very queer,
I could have boiled that horrid Brussells Sprout.


When the belgiums had departed, my joy I scarcely could restrain;
But my wife seems broken-hearted and lately treats me with distain;
I never, never shall forget the day, I introduced that Belgium to my house,
And I ever, ever shall regret the day, I invited this young Belgium to my house.

Written, composed and performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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