The Ladies heaven bless them, we love them every one
We praise them and we toast them o'er our wine
We laud their many virtues and we sound their many deeds
And call them darling angels so divine
But may be at the time, the little hussies are at home
Pencilling their eyebrows without shame
Their blushes so divine are ten to one carmine
But still we call them angels just the same.

Chorus: Angels, Angels, Angels without wings
Simple, very simple, very pious little things
Angels, angels floating all about
Like the men, you're angels, when you're not found out.

Our angels love enjoyment and we take them up and down
Of course that is the duty of the men
And though celestial creatures are supposed to live on air
They relish stout and oysters now and then
We often buy the darlings gloves and when we ask the size
They vow they wear size sixes with great ease
And they take 'em back next day, and to the shopman say
I'll have three sizes larger if you please.


As time goes on we wed them, these darlings without wings
And call them ever after darling wife
They darn up all our stockings and they make our buttons fast
And comfort and console us throughout life
But if our health's declining they persuade us make our wills
Of course we leave them all that we possess
And when we are no more, the widower next door
Proposes and our angel answers 'Yes.'

Written and composed by George Dance & George Le Brunn - 1887
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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