I am thinking of you now, Anna Gray
And the dear old happy days of yore
For I know that you are true, Anna Gray
And your heart is mine for evermore
As I watch the sunset fading in the West
In my dreams I see the face that I love best
Oh the world is sad to me when we're apart
Happy thoughts of you with gladness fill my heart.

Chorus: When the Summer days are o'er, Anna Gray
And the sweetest birds sing no more, Anna Gray
Dark the Winter's time may be
While your loving smile I see
There'll be sunshine still for me, Anna Gray.

In the Summertime of life, Anna Gray
We've been happy climbing life's steep hill, Anna Gray
When the Winter times do come, Anna Gray
Together we will wander still
Clouds may gather, sunny skies may be overcast
I will love you dear as long as life shall last
And when life's sunset for us is drawing nigh
Hand in hand we'll wait together, you and I.

Written and composed by Penso
Performed by Gertie Gitana (1887-1957)
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