I'm Anna Maria from the sweet stuff shop,
Into my shop the boys all pop,
Sweets they buy and they all have a try
To spoon with Anna Maria.
One fellow said with a sigh, 'Oh, dear,
You're in all my dreams.'
Grabbed my hand and murmered with,
His mouth full of chocolate creams.

Chorus: Anna Maria, my love is burning,
Anna Maria, for you I'm yearning.
You're the sweetest thing in the sweet stuff shop,
I want you for my bit of almond rock.
Anna Maria, do please believe me,
Anna Maria, my heart's afire.
I'll be loving, I'll be true,
I'll stick like stick-jaw to you,
If you'll be my Anna Maria.

Once I put on the old shop chair,
A tin of fresh made toffee there,
Boiling hot, such a beautiful lot,
Just then, Sam trotted in.
Down on the toffee he sat, but soon,
Jumped up with a shout,
And while that tin of boiling toffee,
Stuck to him, he yelled out,


Anna Maria, my legs are handy,
Anna Maria, still I'm your Sandy.
When we're walking out,
In the wint'ry breeze,
I canna help the lassies,
Staring at my bonny knees.
Anna Maria, I'll wear the trousers
Anna Maria, if you desire,
I'll sell my tartan kilt, ye ken,
And never show my legs again,
If you'll be my Anna Maria.


Anna Maria, awfully ripping, what!
Anna Maria, you've caught me tripping, bah jove!
I feel a perfect spendthrift today, how strange,
I'll have an ounce of peppermint,
Never mind the bally farthing change,
Anna marria, you're so beastly jolly,
Anna Maria, you touch my susceptibilities,
I flop down on my knees to you,
Spoil the crease in my bally trousers, too,
If you'll be my Anna Maria.


Written and composed by A.J. Mills & Bennett Scott - 1913
Performed by Cassie Walmer
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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