Now little Annie Rooney is the most loved one on the earth
In every clime and latitude they chant her peerless worth
In England she's at least a million lovers at her feet
For every other fellow warbles as he walks the street

Chorus: She's my sweetheart, I'm her beau
She's my Annie, I'm her Joe
Soon we'll marry, never to part
Little Annie Rooney is my sweetheart.

In bonnie, bonnie Scotland she is worshipped everywhere
From John o' groats to Glasgow Town her name floats in the air
For when each brawny Scotsman takes the liquor he likes best
And drinks unto his lady love, this always is the toast

Chorus: 'She's my lassie, I'm her chiel
She loves porridge, cakes and meal
On heath and heather our lives will pass
Annie McRooney is a braw wee lass.'

The gallant Frenchman loves her too, and sounds her charms on high
From cafe and from Boulevard her praises rend the sky
Some scores of duels have been fought, and while one man lies dead
His rival halloes this refrain as he walks home to bed

Chorus: 'She's ma cherie, I'm her beau
She's so charmant, comme il faut
We kiss and cuddle the whole day long
La petite ma'm'selle Rooney is bonne, bonne, bonne.'

Our heroine has sweethearts far across the rolling sea
And 'mongst the suitors for her hand is found the bland Chine Fe
With thumbs upturned he trots about the streets the whole day long
And like a porter staggers 'neath the burden of his song.

Chorus: 'She's my chang chang, I'm her ching
Me putty question, she buy ring
Chinaman love little girl, lots of cash
Little Annie Rooney am Chinaman's mash.'
Written and composed by George Dance & Michael Nolan - (1891)
Performed by Vesta Tilley (1864-1952)
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