The men are always after me
I've such a winsome manner
They all want me to name the day
Or else lend them a tanner
And when they tell their tales of love
Because I sneeze and sigh
They say I'm giddy, squeeze my waist,
Then pinch my purse, and cry

Chorus: 'Oh Arabella, Arabella Binks
Isn't she a scorcher, isn't she a minx?
Oh Arabella, you shall pay for drinks
Ev'ry fellah says to Bella, Arabella Binks'

One evening at the great World's Fair
Amusement I was seeking
A voice cried 'Try the phonograph
Lord Salisbury is speaking'
I paid my penny, grabbed a tube
As happy as a bird
The man then turned the handle round
And this is what I heard


Last Sunday morn in all my best
With Pa I went to chapel
Our parson's such a nice young man
Of his eye I'm the 'apple'
He preached the sermon in a dream
Then cast his eyes on me
And said, 'Dear brethren now we'll sing
The hymn called, let me see'


Whenever I refuse a man
He goes quite off his noddle
And painters beg and pray of me
To go and be their model
The late lamented Tennyson
A most poetic man
Once wrote a verse in praise of me
And this is how it ran

Written and composed by Albert E. Ellis & Alan Macey
Performed by George Robey (1869-1954)
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