I hate those blokes wot talks about
The things wot they like to drink
Such as tea and coffee, cocoa and milk
Why, such fings I never fink
I'm plain in me 'abits and plain in me food
And wot I say is this
If a man wot drinks such rubbish at his meals
Well, I always gives 'im a miss.

Chorus: Now at breakfast I never fink of 'aving tea
I likes arf a pint of ale
And me dinner I likes a little bit o' meat
An arf a pint of ale
For me tea I likes a little bit o' fish
An arf a pint of ale
And for supper I likes a crust o' bread and cheese
And a pint and an arf of ale.

Now this is how I looks at it
And I think you'll agree with me
I've never seen a man get drunk in me life
On cocoa, coffee or tea
To think I pay one and eight a pound for tea
Why, the thought makes me feel queer
When I think of what you'd get for another one and six
Such a pretty little barrel of beer.


Now folks wot drinks such stuff as that
Are always looking pale
They've pains in their tummies
And they've pains in their backs
But I never had a pain with ale
I always feel happy, and I always feel right
When I've had a glass or two
So why should I drink coffee or tea
When theres' plenty of ale would do?
Written and composed by Charles Tempest - 1905
Performed by Gus Elen
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