They met at a fancy ball,
The gentleman's name was Arthur,
The lady was fair and tall,
Her Christian name was Martha;
They danced all night, till the broad day-light,
What a darling girl! thought Arthur;
And the dancers near could over-hear,
What Arthur said to Martha;

Chorus: 'Oh! Martha,' whispered Arthur,
'How I love to dance with you!'
'Oh! Arthur!' answered Martha, 'Tell me darling, is that true?'
Then Arthur placed his arm
Around his Martha's waist so slim,
'I love you,' said Arthur,
'Ditto!' said Martha,
Then Arthur squeezed Martha and Martha squeezed him.

Though never until that night,
Had Arthur beheld Miss Martha,
'Twas a case of love at first sight,
For she was struck with Arthur;
He begged that she, would favour he,
With her name, she said, 'twas Martha!
And with lovely eyes, expressed surprise,
When he said, his name was Arthur!


At first 'twas an awkward task,
'Now what shall I say?' thought Arthur
He ventured at last to ask,
How the weather agreed with Martha!
And growing bold, he remarked, 'twas cold,
'Which do you like best?' said Martha,
'To be warm or cold' the reply was told,
By a loving squeeze from Arthur.


The end I need scarcely tell,
He married the lovely Martha,
And I hear they are doing well,
They've a little boy called Arthur,
They Ne'er forget the first night they met,
And she often says to Arthur,
'You remember dear, the day and year,
When first you met your Martha!'

Spoken... 'I shall never forget it.' Arthur replies. Then Martha puts her arms arouand his neck and murmurs, 'Do you remember what we said to each other?'


Written, composed and performed by Arthur Lloyd (1840-1904)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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