(As Happy As A King)
Oh! I am such a happy man,
I scarce can tell you why;
I live above my neigbours,
In a garret near the sky.
They have to look up to me,
I'm superior by far;
To all the people in our home,
That's why I laugh, ha, ha!

Chorus: I'm as jolly as a sandboy, as happy as a king,
No matter what occurs to me, I laugh at everything.
Although I'm like my mother, I'm the image of my pa,
At everything I see, I always laugh, ha, ha!

Of children I have four or five,
I lead a life of dreams;
It's quite a treat to be alive,
Amongst their squeaks and screams.
They fall about like clowns upon
The horizontal bar;
When they get splinters in their feet,
It makes me laugh, ha, ha!


My wife left me a year ago,
To go upon the spree;
She sold off all the furniture,
But left the kids with me.
She started for America,
With some unmanly tar;
But on the way they both got drowned,
Which mad me laugh, ha, ha!


No doubt you wonder why I have,
This smile upon my face;
It is because I'm not alone,
The broker's in my place.
He's come to take my bits of sticks,
I don't know where they are;
But if he takes away the kids,
I'm bound to laugh, ha, ha!

Written and composed by Joseph Tabrar - 1870
Performed by T.W. Barrett (1851-1935)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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