When Private John McNiel came back from fighting across the sea
He dropped his little pack, and gave his rifle back
He dressed himself in civvy clothes, 'I'm wondering now,' said he
If all the girls I love are just as fond of me
Just after that a dear old china, Timothy what's er name
He said said he, 'Last night I saw you play the same old game.'

Chorus: As you were, as you were, as you were before
Just the same as in the days of yore
Won't you tell me who's the girl
With the dimple and the curl
'Twas eyes right John and carry on
You kissed her once, you kissed her twice
Oh, you greedy boy
Then like Oliver Twist you wanted more, sure
You haven't forgotten how to tell the old, old tale
As you were, as you were, as you were before.

One frosty evening there was John, as loving as could be
With something nice in frocks, just near a watchman's box
'Oh, do behave, you want a shave,' in jocular tone , said she
They woke the watchman up, but he said, 'Don't mind me
I used to do the same, so keep on kissing your Susie Jane
Prepare for action, John, because I'm going to sleep again.'


His favorite girl weighs half a ton. He calls her his baby doll
And in the park somewhere he hires a penny chair
She flops herself upon his lap, and never a word he'll say
But hugs his lump of love, until the chair gives way
A keeper passing by will say, 'You're sticking the job all right
They can't say you're a slacker, John, you're doing your bit tonight.

Performed by Arthur Nelstone (1870-1929)
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