I'm a fellow who doesn't like bother,
All troubles a deuce of a bore;
I've an income left by my mother,
What on earth could a fellow want more.
My favourite's sport's killing time,
My aim's to do nothing at all,
While some through this world run or climb,
I take the trip easy and crawl.

Chorus: But they tell me I'm awfully clevar,
Oh! so clevar, deuced clevar;
The say that they nevar, no nevar,
Met a fella so clevar before.

Some fellas go in for the army,
And some fellas go in for trade;
But I haven't such bores to alarm me,
My fortune was already made.
And some fellas go in for brains,
And scribble to turn in a penny,
Those fellas deserve all their gains,
As for brains I could do without any.


In the park I am often seen driving,
When the dear girls take me for a Duke;
Whenever I go in for billiards,
Somehow I'm a demon to fluke.
Sometimes to an evening party,
To keep them alive, in I peep,
When ever they ask me to sing,
They're certain to fall fast asleep.


Some fellas will borrow a tenner,
For which I get no I.O.U.
Sometimes I assist them in bills,
Which I have to pay when they're due.
There are mothers with daughters to marry,
Somehow take a fancy to me;
They think they're as deep as old Harry,
But the bait and the hook I can see.

Written and composed by G.W. Hunt - 1870
Performed by George Leybourne (1842-1884)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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