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A Bird In The Hand Marie Lloyd
Baa Lambs Ella Shields
Baa, Baa, Baa 'Jolly' John Nash
Baby Vesta Tilley
Baby On The Shore, The ( Parody ) George Crossmith
Baby Show, The Arthur Lloyd
Baby's Name, The Charles Bignell
Bachelor Ben (Musical Monologue) Bromley Carter
Bacon And Greens Sam Cowell
Bad, Bad Woman, A  
Bailiff's Daughter Of Islington, The Traditional
Ballad Monger, The Arthur Reece
Ballad Of Socialism, A Hugh E. Wright
Ballymoney Conversazione, The Nelson Jackson
Band Played On, The Tony Pastor
Bandy Legs Alice Lloyd
Bang Went The Chance Of A Lifetime George Robey
Bang! Bang! Bang! Nellie Wallace
Bank That Broke The Man At Monte Carlo W.P. Dempsey
Barber's Apprentice Boy, The George Leybourne
Barmaid, The Marie Lloyd
Barmaid's Song, The Florrie Forde
Barman, The Wilkie Bard
Bathing Marie Lloyd
Bazaar Maids, The Vesta Tilley
Beau Belles Harry Hunter
Beautiful Columbine, The George Leybourne
Beautiful Dora Alf Rivers
Beautiful Dreamer Christy Minstrels
Beautiful, Beautiful Bed Morny Cash
Beautiful Young Widow Brown Arthur Lloyd
Beauty Of The Guards George Bastow
Because Enrico Caruso
Because He Loves Me Lily Morris
Because I Look A Fool R.A. Roberts
Bedelia Lloyd Morgan
Beef, Pork, Mutton Arthur Lloyd
Belgium Put The Kibosh On The Kaiser Mark Sheridan
Believe Me Of All Those Endearing Charms John McCormack
Belinda The Barber-ous Harry Champion
Bella Was A Barmaid  
Bella, The Belle Of Dundoon Harry Lauder
Belles Of London, The T.W. Barrett
Bells Were Ringing, The George Formby Sr.
Best Little Woman In The World, The Alec Hurley
Best Man, The Walter Munroe
Best Of Friends Must Part, The George Leyton
Best That Money Can Buy, The Harry Champion
Beware The Widow Arthur Lloyd
Bid Me Good-Bye Forever Vesta Victoria
Big Heavy Swell Of The Sea, The  
Biggest Aspidistra In The World, The Gracie Fields
Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home Victoria Monks
Billy Brown Harry Fragson
Billy Evergreen Gibson & Blackmore
Billy Green Vesta Victoria
Billy (I Always Dream Of Bill) Beth Tate
Billy Johnson's Ball Fred Coyne
Billy Muggins Charles R. Whittle
Bink's Wife (Leave It To Me) Millie Lindon
Bird On Nellie's Hat, The Maidie Scott
Bird Whistle Man Arthur Lloyd
Birthday Cards F.V. Saint Clair
Bit Of A Blighty One, A Vesta Tilley
Blacks De Colour Albert Chevalier
Blasted Oak, The Nellie Wallace
Blaydon Races, The George Ridley
Blighted Barber, The Arthur Lloyd
Blind Boy, The George H. Chirgwin
Blind Irish Girl, The Traditional
Bloomsbury Square George Leybourne
Blot Upon The Family Name, A Fred Cairns
Blowed If Father Ain't Commenced To Work Miss Louie Freear
Blue Ribbon Jane Albert Chevalier
Boarding House, The Harry Randall
Bob Baker, the Shoe Maker Arthur Lloyd
Bobbies' Of The Queen, The Maud Santley
Boiled Beef And Carrots Harry Champion
Bold Fisherman, The George Leybourne
Bolshevic, The Ernest Hastings
Bom! Bom! Bom! George Leybourne
Bon! Tres Bon! George Ellis
Bond Street Beau, The F.W. Green
Bond Street, Tea Walk Marie Lloyd
Bootblack's Story, The  
Bore O' Bef'nal Green, The Gus Elen
Borrow, Borrow, Borrow Charles Coborn
Bovine Barcarolle, A The Vagabonds
Bow Street Dan Leno
Bowery, The Ada Blanche
Boy In The Gallery, The Marie Lloyd
Boys Brigade, The Hamilton Hill
Boys Of The Racketty Club Vesta Tilley
Bradshaw's Guide Fred Albert
Breach Of Promise Case, The Henri Clark
Bread And Marmalade Sam Mayo
Break The News To Mother Charles Foster
Brewer's Daughter, The Arthur Lloyd
Brighton Paul Pelham
British Born  
Broken Doll Clarice Mayne
Broken Down Harry Clifton
Broken Down Masher, The (Parody) George Byford
Broken-Down Showman, The  
Broker's Man, The Charles Coborn
Brown The Tragedian Arthur Lloyd
Brown, Brown Sit Down Harry Champion
Brown, Upside Down Billy Bint
Bruvver Jim Wilkie Bard
Bull Fighter, The Harry Weldon
Bulls Won't Bellow, The Sam Torr
Bunk-A-Doodle Corps, The  
Burglar's Serenade, The Fred W. Stephens
Burial Club, The U.S. Version
Burlington Bertie Vesta Tilley
Burlington Bertie From Bow Ella Shields
Bus Conductor, The  
Busy Bee, The Arthur Lloyd
But Of Course It's No Business Of Mine  
But That's A Mere Detail  
But That's The Wust O' Gals Herbert Campbell
Buttercups And Daisies Bessie Bonehill
Buy Me Some Almond Rock Marie Lloyd
Buying A House Dan Leno
By The Light Of The Silvery Moon Lillian Lorraine
By The Sad Sea Waves Vesta Tilley
By The Sea Mark Sheridan
By The Side Of The Zuyder Zee Maudi Darrell
By Their Language Constance Moxon
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