I'll sing you a song which p'r'aps you all know
About the sheep stealer a long time ago
Who was caught in the act, and in prison he lay
When a cunning old lawyer came to see him one day
To pay him his price the man did agree.
Says the lawyer, 'I'll tell you now how to get free
You must look at the Judge in a soft vacant way
And when he speaks to you, look silly and say,
Baa, Baa, Baa.'

Said the man with a grin, when the plan he did hear,
'Trust me I'll look silly enough, never fear
I'll make t'owd Judge Rayther open his eyes
And the jurymen all scratch their yeds in surprise.'
'All right,' said the lawyer, and thought of his fee,
'You will play your part very well I can see'
And the jailers all wondered, and couldn't tell why
For all night they thought they could hear a sheep cry
'Baa, Baa, Baa.'

Next day was fixed for his trial to take place
He soon was found guilty, 'twas such a clear case
So silence was called, not a sound could you hear
As the Judge began speaking in tones so severe.
'Prisoner, you see what you've come to at last
What have you to say before sentence is passed?'
But the prisoner who stood slowly, wagging his head
Just looked at the Judge very silly and said
'Baa, Baa, Baa.'

There was a tremendous commotion in court
The prisoner was silly so everyone thought
And the Jailers declared that he could not be right
For they swore he had baa'd like a sheep all the night
Said the Judge the poor man is a fool I can see
He must be discharged, so let him go free
And the prisoner who stood looking round him so shy
As they led him away began loudly to cry
'Baa, Baa, Baa.'

When he got outside the old lawyer was there
'Ha Bravo,' said he, 'you did well I declare
From laughing I hardly knew how to refrain
But don' let them catch you at that game again
Now as I'm in a hurry to get off you see
Just be quick as you can and hand over my fee.'
But the man stood and looked in a most silly way
Grinned at the old lawyer, and slyly did say
'Baa, Baa, Baa.'
Written and composed by Walter Greenaway & Vincent T. Davies - 1882
Performed by 'Jolly' John Nash (1830-1901)
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