From Regent Street to Piccadilly, right through Leicester Square
You see the mashers standing, every chest expanding
Dressed up in his Sunday best and guaranteed to kill
Making goo-goo eyes at every passing frock and frill
Now Mary had a lamb, you know the nursery rhyme
Well, round the west, it still exists. You see it any time.

Chorus: Oh, the baa-baa-baa lambs, there they are, la di da
Twenty up to forty, looking a trifle naughty
Up comes Mary, then all the lambs you'll find
Going baa-baa, baa-baa and wagging their tails behind.

There's Lord de Vere, who's got the gout through lowering too much port
A violent agitator, quite a woman hater
But let a piece of muslim pass, then he'll reverse his cards
Forget his gout and beat all records for a hundred yards
And if he thinks that he's alone he'll get a shock
He'll very quickly find that he's only one amongst the flock.

Written and composed by William Hargreaves and Fred Godfrey - 1915
Performed by Ella Shields (1879-1952)
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