The War, the War, the blooming war, has turned my wife insane
From Kruger to Majuba she's the Transvaal on the brain
And when to christen our first child, last Sunday week we tried
The parson said, 'What's this child's name?' and my old girl replied,

Chorus: 'The baby's name is Kitchener, Carington,Methuen, Kekewich, White
Cronje, Plummer, Powell, Majuba, Gatacre, Warren, Colenso, Kruger
Capetown, Mafeking, French, Kimberley, Ladysmith, 'bobs'
Union Jack and Fighting Mac, Lyddite, Pretoria, Blobbs.'

The parson said, 'Such names I can't upon this infant pop.'
But my wife broke his rolling veldt and smashed his Spion Cop
She jumped upon his Kroonstad, and she never made a miss
Said she, 'I'll burst your armoured train, if you don't think of this,


She tore the parson's flag of truce, then burst his Jacobsdal
She pushed his Modder River right into his shrapnel shell
She kicked his mounted infantry, till his Bloemfontein was sore
Then she did a flanking movement, and she shouted out once more,

Written and composed by C.W. Murphy & A. Hall - 1900
Performed by Charles Bignell (1866-1935)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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