I have lived long enough to be rarely mistaken
And had my full share of life's changeable scenes
But my woes have been so laced with good greens and bacon
And my joys have been doubled by bacon and beans
What a thrill of remembrance e'en now they awaken
Of childhood's gay morning and youth's merry scenes
When one day we had greens and a plate full of bacon
And the next we had bacon and a plate full of greens.

Ah well, I remember when sad and forsaken
Heart wrung by the scorn of a miss in her teens
How I fled from her sight to my loved greens and bacon
And forgot my despair over bacon and greens
When the banks refused specie and credit was shaken
I shared in the wreck and was ruined in means
My friends all declared I had not saved my bacon
But I lived for I still had my bacon and greens.

If some fairy a grant of three wishes could make one
So worthless as I and so ruined in means
I'd wish all the greens in the world, then the bacon
And then wish for a little more bacon and greens
Oh there is a charm in this dish rightly taken
That from custards and Jellies an epicure weans
Stick your fork in the fat; wrap your greens round the bacon
And you'll vow there is no dish like good bacon and greens.

I return to confess that for once I'm mistaken
As much as I've known of life's changeable scenes
There's one dish that's equal to both greens and bacon
And that is a dish of good bacon and greens.
Written and performed by Sam Cowell
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