On the kerbstone, that's my station, where I stand the whole day long
There, at twenty-four a penny, I sell every comic song
Ballads sung by everybody, Coster's by Chevaliar
Four and twenty in the parcel, all the latest, here you are.

Chorus: 'I'm going to be married in the morning'
To the 'Dandy Coloured Coon'
For 'Here's my beau, I love him so,' 'Oh let it be soon'
So, 'Come where my love lies dreaming'
'On the benches in the Parks'
'Our new lodger's such a nice young man'
But, 'Pass no rude remarks'.

It is strange what some folks ask for,
They don't like the songs that's new
So I always keeps a stock of the old favourites, too
Here's 'The song that'll live for ever' sung since the year of dot
Four and twenty in the parcel, bung the 'stiver', take the lot.

Chorus: 'And she was a stranger in London'
'As true as the stars up above'
'Where did she get her diamonds from?' 'Oh can it be love?'
I was sitting one night, 'In the gloaming.'
Along with 'Sweetheart May'
And she told me some stories which, 'I ain't goin' to tell'
But 'There'll come a time some day'.

Every song that you can think of, also sev'ral you forget
Songs that's comic, songs that's mournful,
Songs that's dry and songs that's wet
Songs for gents and songs for ladies. Songs that's sung by every star
Here's a bundle fit for Barnum at a penny, here you are.

Chorus: And 'She was an extra lady', 'Just like her dear old ma'
'They made me one of the family' but 'I'm not particular'
'She wore a wreath of roses', and I thought it out of place
To 'Put me in my little bed' while there was 'Sweet Marie'
'Staring me in the face'

Written and composed by A. Hall & George Le Brunn - 1898
Performed by Arthur Reece (1870-1964)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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