There's a barmaid in a city restaurant,
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so
And the mashers say when e'er they come along
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so
See the swell at half past one
“A bittah beah a cuwwant bun,
I dine at six, (the good old wheeze)
Give me two of bread and cheese
Ah Polly dear, you saucy pet
A large sized penny cigawette
Give me a kiss! I can't stand that
Oh dem it all she's smashed my hat
My second beah, what makes me dwink so?
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so.

Chorus: The barmaid, the barmaid, the idol of the “Rose and Crown”
Since she's been there with chat and cheek
She's raised the trade by a hundred a week
The saucy swells, the horsy swells, were never known to drink so
For she's so gay the men all say
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so.

Then the sportsmen come and order S. and B.
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so
They remark as she'll converse in manner free
“Regular two-year old , don't you think so?”
“Bet you I'm the man she loves
Poll you're on a pair of gloves”
“Here chuck it, Billy, that's too thick
You talk like that she'll out you quick
Such nonsense she don't understand
She was barmaid in the Strand”
“ Tol-loll, then Poll, until tonight
The Empire? see you there? alright
I never knew a lady wink so
Awfully jolly girl don't you think so.


The customers of the fair sex cry
“Forward bit of goods, don't you think so”
See her golden hair, my dear, I'll bet its dye
Painted little minx, don't you think so
Then the gay old boys come in
Fix their eye-glass, do a grin
“Want my flower? I understand”
Pat their face then kiss her hand
Then the coster with a pal
“Arf of four-p'nny, please young gal”
“Arry strike me blue and pink
She's alright that served that drink”
“Lor Bill she fairly made me blink
So Ror-ty bit o' crackling don't you think so?”


PDF Sheet Music
Written and composed by E.W. Rogers -1894
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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