Clap 'ands, yer little 'Enry's got a job
As barman at the 'Rose and Crown'
Though I don't quite hit it with the boss
You mustn't fancy I'm a clown
Oh my! talk about a chatter box
You ought to 'ear the old boy clack
Though it makes you sick to 'ear 'im jaw
Still I don't want to get the sack.

Chorus: 'E's the governor and I'm the man
That's the difference, you see
I get level with 'im when I can
You can have a bit on me
I've put up with him for some months now
Though between myself and you
It is right against my wishes, still I like the fellow's missis
Or I wouldn't stand the things I do.

'E nags at me all day from morn till night
I know we never shall agree
Missis takes my part in every case
In fact, she's very kind to me
She makes me all sorts of pastry
And when her old boy has the gout
I go round on Sunday afternoons
And take his bit o' sweetstuff out.


When I am busy with the cellar work
A-tapping of the ales and stout
She puts on 'er brewer's apron
And she 'elps me pull the casks about
Though mind I don't want to say nothing
'Twould only make the old girl cross
Some day I can see yer 'Enery
A co-respondent in divorce.

Written and composed by Frank Leo - 1898
Performed by Wilkie Bard (1874-1944)
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