(Should The Sexes Bathe Together)
Should the sexes bathe together?
That is the question now
'Certainly! most decidedly' is the sort
Of an answer they get from me
A nice bathing dress on your back,
You know you certainly wouldn't require it
You might as well dress in a sack, you know
If the chaps were not there to admire it.

Chorus: Where's the harm? Where's the harm?
Will any one tell me pray?
If the sexes bathe together,
In the beautiful Summer weather
When they tell you it's wrong,
Tell 'em to take a run
Go along, with your old Mother Hubbard,
And don't come spoiling the fun.

If they show a lot of vigour
When they go in the sea
The girls don't make any worse display
Than they do on a bus on a windy day
As certain as chickens lay eggs, you know
We're living in awfully rum times
And if the girls do show their legs, you know
Well, they must give the boys a treat - sometimes!


If the fellows do swim near them
When they go in the sea
Why should any young lady cry?
If they didn't, they'd 'pipe 'em off' on the sly
Now, why should each giddy young 'he', you know
Scare circumspect mother and father?
They're much safer there - in the sea, you know
Than they are when they're out of it - rather.

Written and composed by J.P. Harrington & George Le Brunn
Performed by Marie Lloyd (1870-1922)
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