Some may go crazed with wild admiration
Over a picture, a pet, or a pearl
Whate'er can cause a sweeter sensation
Than that picture, a fair English girl
Down amongst verdant trees and bowers
Dwells the dear one, I think oh so fair
While she flits to and fro midst the flowers
The sun likes to play with her golden hair.

Chorus: Beautiful Dora, O if you saw her
Feeding the chicks who come to her call
Beautiful Dora, how I adore her
Beautiful Dora, fairest of all.

O those blest chicks, and happy chick mother
Sometimes to be one I think I'd rejoice
How they come tumbling over each other
Whene'er they hear sweet Dora's voice
Her Dad he's a jovial English farmer
Britons alone with such daughters are blest
His face glows with pride, as he'll gaze on my charmer
Red as the sun when he's sinking to rest.


The butterfly hovers about her fair tresses
The rose seems to bow whene'er goes by
As though 'twere eclipsed and silent, confesses
While the lark seems to sing for her up in the sky
None of your dainty vain-smitten misses
Cheeks like the ripe peach, blooming with health
Lips that were made for sweetest kisses
Hair that rolls down in its golden wealth.


What would I give to be the possessor
Of one so innocent, winsome and fair
Happy the one whoe'er may caress her
For such a jewel is priceless and rare
But she'll not leave her dear old Dad
Lonely to baffle in age with life's stream
So she'll send others lovingly mad
As this one who of her's content to dream.


Written and composed by G.W. Hunt - 1875
Performed by Alf Rivers (1866-1955)
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