There's a charming Irish lady with a roguish winning way
Who has left my heart a-bumping and a-jumping night and day
She's the flower of Killarney with a Tipperary smile
She's the best that ever came from Erin's Isle.

Chorus: Bedelia, I'd like to steal you, Bedelia I love you so
Oh say, my dear Bedelia, may I be your beau
Say something sweet Bedelia, your voice I like to hear
Oh Bedelia-elia-elia, I've made up my mind to steal yer
Delia-Bedelia dear.

If you love me, dear Bedelia, half as much as I love you
There is nothing in this world could ever cut our love in two
I will give you all my money on the day that we are wed
And I'll even take your breakfast up to bed
Now I know you will believe just what I said.


Words by William Jerome - Music by Jean Schwartz - 1903
Performed by Lloyd Morgan (1892-1970)
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