Have you heard the London Belles
Singing ding-dong to the swells
Not the bells in steeple high
But the ones around the 'Cri'
You'll find belles in hundreds there
Wearing other people's hair
Once, I went, dressed like a Prince
I've been stoney ever since.

Chorus: Oh! the Belles of London Town
Ding-dong! I've been undone
Clipped and slipped, and dipped and whipped
By the Belles of London Town.

Maudie was the first and she
Rang the changes nice on me
Kissed me twice - then, with a grin
Said, 'Good night' stole my gold pin
Soon, another pelting, Flo
Said, 'Oh dear, I love you so.'
And this belle, this charming thing
From my finger wrung my ring.


When I argued with Miss Flo
'Cos she took my ring you know
With a dog-whip she went whack
At a portion of my back
Then I cried, and she did worse
'Boned' my ticker, and my purse
Smacked my head, and tore my clothes
And she said she'd wring my nose.


Written and composed by J. P. Harrington & George Le Brunn - 1888
Performed by T.W. Barrett (1851-1935)
From Music Hall Lyrics Collection
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